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本公司最近發現有個別人士使用「Anlex 灝鏘」成立了「Anlex Marketing Limited 灝鏘廣告有限公司」,並未經授權下使用本公司營運的商務中心地址作為註冊地址。本公司在此聲明,「Anlex Marketing Limited 灝鏘廣告有限公司」與本公司或本公司旗下任何公司無關。

Our Company has recently discovered that an individual used "Anlex 灝鏘" incorporated a new company called“Anlex Marketing Limited 灝鏘廣告有限公司”and unauthorized used the address of the Business Center operated by our Company as registered office address. We hereby to announce that "Anlex Marketing Limited 灝鏘廣告有限公司" does not belong to our group nor our subsidiaries and this company does not belong to us.

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