Countries/Regions for Immigration

加拿大 Canada
美國 U.S.A.
台灣 Taiwan
香港 Hong Kong
泰國 Thailand
英國 United Kingdom
愛爾蘭 Ireland
德國 Germany
土耳其 Turkey
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Our Background

Anlex is a professional immigration consultancy firm established in 1993. Our director, the founder of Anlex Group, has been involving in immigration business since 1989 when immigrant matters were still in infant stage in Hong Kong.

Anlex specializes in investment and business immigration to USA, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao. We have been successfully helped over thousands of businessmen immigrated to overseas and protected their assets.

Anlex has a global network to serve our clients internationally covered the issues of residency status, tax, asset protection and trust.

WHY Anlex?

Anlex has over 20 years of experience in providing immigration service to people come from China, Hong Kong, Macao, the UK, USA, Canada, Iran, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

We are a well-established professional network around the world. We provide in-depth and professional advice with our global partners including lawyer, chartered accountant, tax specialist and business consultant.

Anlex works closely with the government professional bodies to obtain the most up-to-date and detailed information on the immigration procedures and requirement of various countries so that a high-quality service can be provided.

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