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Message from the Founder

The aim of establishing Anlex is to create a consulting firm that is people-oriented and serving you with our heart. Change is for the future, and we are here to tailor-make your future plan. 

Andrew Lo 

Founder of Anlex  


Our Logo Representing Our Business Philosophy  


“ the heart and mind “ between US 
“ the trust ” between US 
“ the future “ between US 

“the heart and mind” 

From consultation to success, we may not read your mind, but our team will listens to your needs with our heart, and analyzes your case, provides professional advice, keep communicating with you until we tailors the best immigration plan or business plan for you. 



With more than 30 years of sincere services, we have been handling thousands of successful cases, we become a trustworthy consultancy firm with good reputation and google comments. 



We will still serve you anytime and anywhere when you needed us even you obtained your visa or passport. It is because, after your case is completed, we maintain our friendship forever. 

Anlex Logo

With 30 years+ experience
in immigration and company services 

Anlex Consultants was established in 1993. Today, Anlex Consultants is an international boutique firm with 30 years of experience with a global presence. The aims of our services are to plan for your future and to protect your assets. 

Our Founder, Mr. Andrew Lo has been involved in this business since 1989. He led Anlex Consultants from a sole proprietor to a firm with 50 professionals around the world. In additional to his professional knowledge, he successfully connected the global talents and authorities to build up a global business network including lawyers, certified accountants, tax specialists, business consultants, real estate brokers and investment advisors to serve you. He also works closely with government authorities and international professional organizations to obtain the most updated information about the industry. 

As a registered immigration consulting firm in Hong Kong and a government regulated Trust or Company Service Provider licensee, we focused on immigration services, citizenship by investment programs, long-term visa, retiree visa, and company services. Anlex Consultants provide professional legal advice on immigration matters, handling global citizenship plans, and providing company formation services. Our immigration lawyers, certified accountants and experienced consultants have assisted individuals and corporate clients from all over the world to resolve their immigration issues, design their future and provide different corporate solutions to support their business development. Our customers include global small and medium-sized companies, global businessmen, professional investors, self-employed persons, High Net Worth Individuals and families from around the world.  

About Anlex

  1. An immigration consulting firm with 30 years of experience​

  2. A boutique global immigration consulting firms based in Hong Kong with 50 professional around the world​

  3. An immigration consulting firm with Trust or Company Service Provider License​

  4. An immigration consulting firms hired in-house immigration lawyers​

  5. An immigration consulting firm handled over USD120 million immigration related investment funds​

  6. An immigration consulting firm advised more than 200,000 cases​

  7. An immigration consulting firm involved in processing Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs and Start-up Visa program in 2002 ​

  8. An immigration consulting firm with consecutive 10 years (2013 to 2023) 100%  approval rate of Permanent Resident Applications under Canada’s Start-up Visa Program ​

  9. Appointed as Immigration Agents for HSBC and Bank of Nove Scotia's immigration investor funds

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