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Case Review Before Submission

We can find a lot of information about immigration from the internet and social media, it guides us how to prepare our immigration application.  So, many people are applying on their own with the help of that information. However, due to the immigration policies and procedure are keep changing and updating, some legal terms are still exceedingly difficult to understand, plus lack of experience of the process and with some misleading information, it made a good case become a borderline case or make it more complicated. We do feel sorry for some denied applications because they just provided a wrong document by misunderstanding the requirement or just did not provide a full explanation of a minor matter. Anlex Consultants see the demand of help from the DIY applicants, and launched Anlex DIY which you can select a single service that you need, and no longer use the traditional full package of immigration services. The benefit of using Anlex DIY services is to use a lower cost to obtain a 30 years+ of experience professional service to solve your problem. It gives you more flexibility. That why Anlex. DIY service has become a high demand service after it was launched in the world market.  

Top 6 Anlex DIY optional services

Case Review Before Submission

We will review your completed application including all completed forms and ready-to-submit documents. We will correct your mistakes and advise you of any documents you should submit or any unnecessary documents. With this service, it will improve the quality of your application and increase the chance of your success. 

Application of Rehabilitation

We may make mistakes in our life, and this mistake may cause a serious record (criminal record) in our life. If you are planning to immigrate to some countries (e.g. Canada), you may need to apply for Rehabilitation before you submit your immigration application. We have a good track record in applying the rehabilitation. 

Business Concept Guidance and Validation 

Business immigration and General Business is different because Business Immigration must fulfil different immigration requirements and may be more complicated. Our Business Analysis and planning team will assist you to develop a business concept, prepare the business plan and related documentation or guide you how to execute you business plan. Our team has 100% successful track record, and we have confident that we can help you. 

Response to Request Letter

You may receive a Request Letter from the immigration authority asking you to respond to the letter within 7, 14 or on or before the deadline. Sometimes, it may not be easy for you to reply to the request or do not understand what they are asking for. Our experienced lawyer and consultants will review your application and guide you how to respond to the request letter. 

Hourly consultation

You may need to seek a second opinion, need professional advice on a particular issue, or to follow up your long-delayed application before, during or after your application. In addition, you may need help with a denied application. Our hourly consultation may be an excellent choice for you. We may solve your problem after the consultation. 

Proof of Relationship 

When you are applying for Spouse Sponsorship, you must prove your relationship is genuine and on-going. With our internal statistics, most spouse sponsorship applications were denied because of the proof of relationship cannot satisfy the immigration officer. In the past 30 years, our team of experts is specialized in assisting newly marriage couple, same-sex marriage, common-law partners, and de-facto relationship to prove their relationship. We have lots of successful cases for Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong. 

We have more options service available, please contact us for details.

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