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With the advancement of the internet and cloud storage technology, we no longer need to be limiting ourselves to work or to provide services in one place. Nowadays, we can complete our work or provide services to our customers through the internet even when we are in different locations. Therefore, many people can now live in different countries, experience life in different countries, and at the same time continue working. In recent years, different countries have launched different long-stay visas, such as working holiday visas, digital nomad visas, membership visas and various long-term residence visas to attract people with these diverse needs. 


Residence generally refers to temporary resident (visa) status.  Temporary resident status only allows you to stay in that country or territories for a specific time period, with a specified purpose such as visit, work, study, business or retire and may allow you to apply for an extension of stay. However, regardless of how long you have been living in these countries or territories, you may not be eligible to become a permanent resident or citizen, such as Thai Elite, and Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H), Digital Nomad Visa. But, in some countries or territories you may start with temporary resident status and apply to become a permanent resident and/or citizen after you meet the residency requirements such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, BNO Visa, and Golden Visa. Residence is suitable for anyone who would like to stay in a country but not for permanent purposes, people who like to live in various places, couples with no children, retirees, or digital nomads. 

Six Benefits Of Residence Programs:
  1. You can stay longer than a visitor in your favourite country 

  2. Some visas allow you to work, study or do business during your stay 

  3. Living in another country can provide you a better quality of life 

  4. You may have the opportunity to experience new culture and lifestyle 

  5. You can have a more stable political and social environment if your home country is not politically stable 

  6. You may enjoy some tax benefit when you are not the tax resident or permanent resident of a country 

Something You Should Know?
  1. Must select a suitable residence program to you and your family members 

  2. Must understand all the conditions of the resident status 

  3. Must understand if the resident status is renewable, and, if yes, what are the requirements  

  4. Must understand if the resident program allows you to include your family members 

  5. Must understand the tax liabilities when you become a resident

Important Points
  1. Make sure if the residence program must be applied through a government authorised agents or not 

  2. Check if the program is stable and has good reputation 

  3. If you have children, check if education is free or not, and if you need to apply a student visa for your children separately 

  4. Must understand if the residence program has a limit in terms of maximum number years of stay or not 

  5. Make sure to check if you can buy or rent a residential property, and if you can open a bank account with your resident visa 

The following countries has the most reputable and popular residence programs in the world: 


  • Malaysia 

  • Thailand 

Please contact us now for more information or make an appointment with our professional consultants for a free consultation to know more about  residence programs and to select the right program for you. 

Residence Program


Malaysia is one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia. It is a country with constitutional monarchy. The country is separated by the South China Sea into two regions: Peninsular Malaysia (also known as West Malaysia), and Borneo’s Malaysia (also known as East Malaysia). The capital is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is tropical and is one of 17 mega diverse countries.  

Malaysia is one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia


Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand and historically known as Siam is located in Southeast Asia on the Indochinese Peninsula. Bangkok is the state capital and the largest city. It is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Siam is the only country in Southeast Asia that has not become a Western colony in modern times. In 1932, Siam became a constitutional monarchy and changed its official name to Thailand. Thailand has the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia. Manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism are the leading industries in the country. 

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.
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