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Tailored Solutions for Global Elite;  Seamless Immigration Experience

Our elite team provides a full range of professional services

Premium services for high-net worth and premium clients 

We understand the needs of high-net worth and premium clients, and are aware of all your concerns, we plan everything for you a step ahead. Based on the background of you and your family, your needs, and requirements, we design the most suitable immigration plan and comprehensive service package for you. 

Our elite team provides a full range of professional services 

Anlex Consultants established a premium service team named Anlex First to serve High Net Worth Individual and premium clients from around the world. All team members include Canadian Lawyer, senior consultants, and business analyst have over five years of experience in immigration, identity planning, citizenship, and related services. They have extensive experience in handling all kinds of immigration applications, matters of immigration and naturalization and related matters. 

Business Analysis and Planning Team 

In addition to experienced immigration consultants and immigration lawyers who can handle different immigration and naturalization cases, Anlex First has also established a special task force named business analysis and planning team dedicated to tailor-made business plans for you and guide you on how to implement a business plan that meets the requirements of immigration regulations. We also use big data to analyze the reasons and key points of our successful cases, it will help us to improve performance. As a result, the successful rate of our business and investment immigration applications are 99.9%. 

The Success of Anlex First 

​We are the experts in Business and Investment applications. During 2013 and 2023, 100% of business and investment applications (e.g. Start-up Visa, PNP Business Category, EB-5 etc) handled by us have been approved for permanent residence.  

Premium services for high-net worth and premium clients

Anlex First means premium service 

Anlex First’s team has rich experience of knowing how to plan, design and handle your immigration matter and design the most suitable immigration plan for you and your family, . Based on the plan we designed for you, we provide all necessary services to make your dream come true. For example, 

  1. Provide professional assessment and advice based on you and your family’s background and provided information 

  2. Provide the most suitable immigration solution according to the laws and your needs 

  3. Collect and review your documents as per the request of immigration laws and related policies 

  4. Complete all necessary application forms and schedules 

  5. Submit applications to the relevant authorities on your behalf  

  6. Respond to all inquiries and requests from relevant authorities on your behalf 

  7. Monitor application progress and notify you of progress 

  8. Assist in creating business idea and writing business plans or related documents 

  9. Guidance on how to execute a business plan or related investments 

  10. Arrange for professional institutions or professionals to provide tax and investment advice 

  11. Collect your visa and return it to you where permitted by law 

  12. Assist your spouse and eligible children to obtain dependent visas or related visas  

  13. Assistance in incorporating overseas company and opening company bank accounts 

  14. Provide Pre-departure tax consultation, temporary housing arrangements and referral to logistics companies 

  15.  Arrangements for airport pick-up, arrange school admission and apply the required civil documents upon arrival 

  16. Assist in overseas property investment and property inspection 

  17. Provide services to family members with special needs, such as applying for special assistance resources 

  18. A dedicated case officers to answer your questions 

Please contact us now for more details or to make an appointment with our professional consultants to find out the most suitable immigration category and program for you and your family! 

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