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Canada - Start-up Visa  

Canada - Start-up Visa  

The Federal Start-up Visa (SUV) is an immigration program that allows a person to obtain permanent residence status while running an innovative business in Canada. Started as a pilot program and become a permanent program in 2018, the SUV has become one of the most popular immigration programs in Canada. 

  • May obtain a work permit to live in Canada while waiting on the processing of the PR application. 

  • No management experience required 

  • No business requirements in terms of investment, income or hired employees required 

  • No minimum net worth requirement. 

  • May settle anywhere in Canada except in the Province of Quebec 

  1. Have a qualifying business in Canada 

  2. Get a letter of support from a designated organization 

  3. Meet the minimum level of CLB/NCLC 5 in either English or French in speaking, reading, listening and writing 

  4. Have sufficient fund to support your living and business in Canada 

  5. Execute your business venture in Canada 


Step 1: Retain Anlex Consultants to assist you to prepare business idea and concept 

Step 2: Submit Application to Designated Organization 

Step 3: Receive Letter of Support issued by Designated Organization 

Step 4: Submit the application for Permanent Residence 

Step 5: Receive file Numbers (may apply work permit at this time) 

Step 6: Execute your business venture in Canada 

Step 7: Receive request letter from IRCC 

Step 8: Receive the result of your application for permanent residence 

Acquiring Status

Estimated Timeline

Permanent Residence

36 months

Please contact us or make an appointment with our experienced consultant for the details of  this plan or free assessment. 

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