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The United States of America 

The purpose of Immigration is for freedom, employment opportunities, business opportunities, environmental reasons, education for next generation, diversity etc. Many people believe that immigrating to the United States can make their dreams come true, so the United States has become one of the most popular countries for immigrants. 

The United States of America 

5 Key Benefits Of US Immigration 

  • Very straight forward and simple immigration programs and process 

  • Different immigration programs for people with different skills, talents, and wealth 

  • A country with freedom, and diversified culture and lifestyle 

  • Flexible residency requirement 

  • Excellent education and advanced in technology 

Country Information 

The United States of America (also known as USA or US) is a country located in North America, between Canada and Mexico. USA is the world’s third-largest land area, and the third-largest population. USA is one of the most developed countries and has the largest economy in the world. The US ranks among the highest in income and wealth. 

Basic Facts: 


National Language:     

Ethnic Group:              




GDP (per capita): 


Washington D.C. 


61.6% White  

12.4% Black

6% Asian  

70% Christianity 

3.7 million sq mi 

334+ million  


Currency US dollar (USD) 

EB1 – Priority Worker and Persons of Extraordinary Ability  


Person with extraordinary ability, outstanding professor and researchers, and multinational managers or executives 

Please contact us or make an appointment with our experienced consultants for the details of United States immigration or for free assessment. 

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