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The Philosophy Of Our Services

  1. To offer genuine assistance and services as our principal 

  2. To extend highly professional and personal service to our clients 

  3. To provide the best solution with rigorous and efficient approach 

  4. To use honesty and integrity as the foundation of our services 

The features of our services


We do the program you are eligible for​

There are no easy immigration program. It only has program you are eligible for. Anlex will assess you and your family background carefully and then recommend an immigration program you have a high chance of success and meet with your needs and preference.


We provide hassle-free services

All our experienced lawyers, consultants and processing experts will assist you in collecting and preparing all required supporting documents, filling out the complex application forms for you, answering all your questions and concerns, and dealing with the related government authority on behalf of you. Our aim is to make sure your application is smooth and to reduce all your hassle during the entire immigration process.  

We have no hidden charge


We try our best to list out all fees as detailed as possible such as Anlex’s fees, third-party legal fees, capitalization, administrative fees, government fees, other service charge and disbursements as well as any potential fees that may occur during the process of your application in our agreement. This is to ensure you can better control your budget. 

We became your life-time partner


Our pre-arrival and landing services will be commenced after you successfully obtained your residence, permanent residence or citizenship. Our settlement officer will assist you and your family to settle down in the new place. We will stay connected with you to answer your questions, to provide continuous support such as to remove any conditions on your visa, to apply for extension, to change your status or to prepare sponsorship application for the rest of your family members. 

Google Client's comments

My friend used Anlex’s service to apply immigration to Canada under PEIPNP went well, and the consultant was also very professional. I regret finding the wrong one.

Sandy Zeng ,Google Comments 

Their service is attentive and considerate... Excellent service attitude, answered every question in detailed and reliable...
Anlex deserves a lot of credit

Vincent Tse ,Google comments 

All inquiries will be answered in detail! Their service attitude is super good and very patient~

Ng Yuk Fong, Google comments

They explained all the risk factors in detail and the whole process is followed up responsibly. It is highly recommended!

Kingsley Yuen, Google comments 

If you are considering to seek an agent for your migration plan, I really recommend you to choose Anlex. It is a historical company with professional consultants who all are responsible and enthusiastic . 
I am really satisfied with professional services by Anlex and undoubtedly happy with my decision.

Kenny Lui, Google comments 

I applied Canadian study permit by myself in Feb this year...The application was refused. Then I recalled seeing Mr Andrew Lo’s Youtube videos about Stream A Stream B applications. So I resorted for their help....the consultant... took care of every detail and gave advice wherever appropriate. I had two online meetings with...the lawyer, clarifying details in my complicated situations......They worked efficiently: given the fact that this was the second application - biometrics and medical exam were already done, my application was approved really fast!....

Winnie Wong, Google comments  

Anlex provides professional follow up and service on my immigration case. My consultant, lawyer and other supporting staff are very responsive though we are in different time zone. I would recommend Anlex to my friends.

Carol Yeung, Google Comments 

Their advisers are knowledgeable and professional. We are very delighted with their service.

Melinda W, Google Comments

Anlex put my benefits before their profits. Very professional. I am more than happy to recommend Anlex to my friends.

Alago Lowe, Google comments

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