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There are no easy or difficult immigration program!

You must choose an immigration program

you are eligible for!

In the world of immigration, we have different type of immigration category such as Residence, Permanent Residence, Citizenship by Investment (Second Passport) etc. There are different immigration programs for different categories.

The first thing you need to know is the difference among those categories. 

Type of Immigration Category 


Residence generally refers to temporary resident (visa) status.  Temporary resident status only allows you to stay in that country or territories for a specific period with a specified purpose such as visit, work, study, business or retire and may allow you to apply for an extension of stay. However, regardless of how long you have been living in that country or territories, you may not be allowed to become a permanent resident or citizen such as Thai Elite, and Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H), Digital Nomad Visa. But, in some countries or territories you may start with temporary resident status and apply to become a permanent resident and/or citizen after you meet the residency requirement such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, BNO Visa, Golden Visa. Residence is good for anyone who would like to stay in a country not for permanent purposes, people who like to live in various places, couples with no children, retirees, or digital nomads. 

Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence means you have the right to reside in a country or territories permanently. A Permanent Resident can usually live, work, study or do whatever he/she wants freely and unconditionally. If you successfully applied immigration to Canada under Start-up Visa program, your permanent residence is unconditional. However, some countries may imply some conditions in your Permanent Residence Visa/permits to ensure you keep your promises which you agreed to execute after you become a Permanent Resident. For example, USCIS will issue a Green Card to you if they approve your application under EB5 Investment Immigration program. Your Green Card is a conditional Green Card, if your investment cannot meet the US Government requirements, they may remove your permanent residency. Please be reminded that Permanent Resident may not be same as Citizen or have the right of abode, you may require to meet certain criteria to become a Citizen after you received your Permanent Resident status. The Permanent Resident Immigration Program is more suitable for families or those who want to live in a country or territories permanently.  

Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment (also known as CBI, Passport Program or Second Citizenship) is a very straight forward approach to acquire a second citizenship and passport. All you need is to pass the due diligence and make the investment to one of the Citizenship by Investment programs. You may receive your second citizenship and passport within a brief time, sometimes it may take a few months only.  Once you and your family members obtain the new passports, you may enjoy the right to travel freely, to plan your asset protection, to settle in another country, and to avoid conflict between countries. Therefore, most wealthy individuals and families already acquired the second citizenship to enjoy the benefit and to protect their business, assets, and family. In addition to wealthy individuals and families, acquiring a second passport through Citizenship Invesment may be good for some people who do not want to consider emigration or settle in other countries, worries about their passport issued by their country of origin become invalid or do not want their lives being affected by sanctions. 

Therefore, you must select the right category and the right immigration program or immigration plan to obtain the status you desire. It will be more cost and time effective, and it will increase your chance of obtaining the right immigration status, if you seek the help of professionals such as ourselves.

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Your choice of Immigration Programs 

Residence Programs

Name of Country

Name of Program

Ideal for

Plan to live, work, or invest,
and/or raise your children in Southeast Asia

Plan to retire in Asia or 
treat Asia as your home

Programs leading to Permanent Residence

Name of Country

Name of Program

Ideal for

Plan to live and
work In Australia 

Someone with internationally recognized record of exceptional and outstanding achievement  

Plan to obtain a Permanent Residence easily  

Applicant with excellent command of English Proficiency and higher education, and intend to find a job in Canada with their skills 

Would like to start a small business in a small city 

This program is only for
Hong Kong residents

Have good achievement and contribution in Sport, Culture and Arts  

Applicant with a Canadian Spouse

Plan to live, work and do business in Canada

Plan to Study and work in Canada after Graduation

Applicant who already employed by a Canadian Employer or who would like to establish a business in Canada 

Mainland Chinese Resident with a qualified job offer in Hong Kong 

Applicant with a foreign nationality who parent(s) is Chinese Hong Kong Permanent Residents 

Applicant with a qualified job offer in Hong Kong 

Foreign students obtained an undergraduate or higher qualification in Hong Kong

Plan to invest and establish a business in Hong Kong

Plan to live and invest in Hong Kong and to enjoy the low tax rate

A person with high skill and talent, and plan to settle in Hong Kong

Have a bachelor's degree from one of the qualified universities or in past 12 months have income over HK$2,500,000

This program is only for Hong Konger 

Persons with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational managers or executives 

Professionals holding an advanced degree and persons with exceptional ability 

Have an unskilled job offer in the USA. 

Invest US$800,000 or above into an immigration plan 

Programs leading to Citizenship

Name of Country

Name of Program

Ideal for

Want to be a global citizenship and to protect your
family assets 

Want to be a global citizenship and to protect your family assets 

Want to be a global citizenship and to protect your
family assets

Please contact us now for more details or to make an appointment with our professional consultants to find out the most suitable immigration category and program for you and your family! 

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