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The BNO (British National (Overseas)) Visa is a special visa scheme launched by the British government specifically for Hong Kong residents. The scheme has started since January 31, 2021, without any quota restrictions. Basically, applicants holding a BNO passport, proving a good health condition, having sufficient financial fund to support themselves for 6 months in the UK, and with no criminal record, may be eligible to apply. The application process is straightforward and convenient, making it the primary pathway for Hong Kong residents to immigrate to the UK. 

  • Simple requirements 

  • Fast processing time 

  • Can work, study, and do business  

  • Can include, spouse, children under 18 and qualified parents 

  • Can apply for citizenship 

  • Submit the application and required documents, such as a tuberculosis-free certificate issued by a local government-recognized institution, financial status proof, relationship proof, certificate of no criminal conviction, etc. 

  • Applicant can apply a visa to stay for either two-years & six-months or five-years, with the option to apply for an extension upon visa expiration. 

  • Arrange settlement services in the UK. 

  • Reside in the UK for five years to apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain. 

  • Residing another year in the UK to apply for citizenship. 

  1. TB Test and prepare online application  

  2. Submit Online Application

  3. Receipt of application result 

Acquiring Status

Estimated Timeline


Within 12weeks

Please contact us or make an appointment with our experienced consultant for the details of the requirement, procedure, processing time or free assessment. 

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