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USA - EB3 – Unskilled Workers  (Other worker) 

USA - EB3 – Unskilled Workers  (Other worker) 

EB3 – Unskilled Workers (other Worker) is one of the employment-based immigration programs for people who is seeking to immigration to the United States. If you have an unskilled worker's job offers from a US employer, you may apply for US immigration under this program.  Once your application is approved, you may receive a green card and work in the US. 

  • Already have a job before immigration 

  • You can start your work and receive income after landing 

  • Low English and education requirement 

  • No related work experience is required 

  • Obtain permanent resident (Green Card) for entire family 

  • Have a job offer from a qualified US employer and the job requires less than two years training or experience, and not temporary or seasonal. 

  1. Find a qualified employment in the US 

  2. Employer will file the Labor Certificate Application 

  3. File Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140 with the USCIS 

  4. Interview with the US Embassy/US Consulate General 

  5. Receive the Permanent Resident Visa if your application is being approved 

Acquiring Status

Estimated Timeline

Permanent Residence

12 to 18  months 

Please contact us or make an appointment with our experienced consultant for the details of the requirement, procedure, processing time or free assessment. 

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