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Canada - Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and Express Entry 

Canada - Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and Express Entry 

The LMIA Program is a special program within the Temporary Foreign Worker Program which allows applicants to obtain extra points into their Express Entry application. This is a two-step immigration program that allows eligible applicants to settle in Canada in fast manner while also being able to run their own self-employed business. 

  • May settle anywhere in Canada outside of the Province of Quebec 

  • Fast PR processing time through the Express Entry pathway 

  • May also obtain a work permit to come to Canada quickly 

  • Develop your own business in Canada with no minimum investment required 

  • Can bring your spouse and all dependents' children to Canada 

  • Be a sole proprietor or controlling shares in a Canadian business 

  • Must be in a senior management position within the company 

  • Must hire at least five Canadian citizens or permanent residents 

  • Have related experience and qualification, and CLB 7 in English or French 

  • Must also meet all the requirements for Express Entry 


Step 1:Retain Anlex Consultants to incorporate the company in Canada and prepare the business plan 

Step 2:Commence the business operations in Canada 

Step 3:submit LMIA application 

Step 4:Receive Positive LMIA, apply work permit and create Express Entry Profile  

Step 5:Receive ITA 

Step 6:Submit PR application 

Step 7:Receive file numbers and request letter 

Step 8:Receive the result of your Permanent Resident application 

Acquiring Status

Estimated Timeline

Permanent Residence

12 to 18 months 

Please contact us or make an appointment with our experienced consultant for the details of this program or free assessment. 

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