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Malaysia is one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia. It is a country with constitutional monarchy. The country is separated by the South China Sea into two regions: Peninsular Malaysia (also known as West Malaysia), and Borneo’s Malaysia (also known as East Malaysia). The capital is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is tropical and is one of 17 mega diverse countries.  


5 Key Benefits of Malaysia Immigration Programs 

  • Easy-to-apply long-stay resident Visa plan 

  • Affordable plans with different options 

  • Excellent living environment  

  • High standard medical and education systems 

  • Flexible Residency requirements 

Country Information 

Malaysia is a multicultural country with freedom of religion to non-Muslims. The legal system is based on common law. Although the official language is Malaysian Malay, English is an active second language. Natural resource makes a significant contribution to Malaysian economic. Today, trading business, tourism, and medical tourism are also the leading businesses in Malaysia. The country has a newly industrialized market economy, ranked fifth largest in Southeast Asia and 36th-largest in the world. 

Basic Facts: 


National Language:     

Ethnic Group:              




GDP (per capita): 


Kuala Lumpur


57% Malay

22.9% Chinese 

6.6% Indian

63% Sunni Islam

127,724 sq mi

32+ million 

USD 39,069

Malaysian ringgit (MYR)

1. Premium Visa Program (PVIP) 


Plan to live, work, or invest, and/or raise your children in Southeast Asisa 

Please contact us or make an appointment with our experienced consultants for the details of Malaysia Immigration programs or for free assessment. 

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