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Canada - Spouse Sponsorship (under Family Sponsorship)  

Canada - Spouse Sponsorship
(under Family Sponsorship)  

Family Sponsorship allows Canadian permanent residents and citizens to sponsor certain relatives immigrate to Canada such as spouse, children and parents. Spouse Sponsorship is one of the categories under Family Sponsorship.  Canadian permanent residents and citizens can sponsor their spouse to live in Canada. Spouse means legally married spouses or same-sex spouse, and common-law partners or same-sex common-law partners/civil partnerships. 

  • Can apply in-Canada or outside of Canada. 

  • No minimum income or asset requirement 

  • Can apply open work permit to work if applying from inside Canada 

  • Can bring children from previous marriage 

  • Straight to Permanent Resident and unconditional 


For Sponsor: 

  • You are at least 18 years old 

  • You are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act 

  • if you are a Canadian citizen living outside Canada, you must show that you plan to live in Canada when the persons you want to sponsor become permanent residents. 

  • You cannot sponsor someone if you are a permanent resident living outside Canada. 

  • You can prove that you are not receiving social assistance for reasons other than a disability 

  • You can provide for the basic needs of any persons you want to sponsor. 

For Applicant: 

  • Provide sufficient proof of your relationship with the Sponsor 


Step 1 : Retain Anlex Consultants to prepare the forms and documents 

Step 2 : Submit the application for Permanent Residence 

Step 3 : Receive file numbers and request letter 

Step 4 : May have to attend interview 

Step 5 : Receive result of the application for Permanent Residence 

Acquiring Status

Estimated Timeline

Permanent Residence

8 to 12 months 

Please contact us or make an appointment with our experienced consultant for the details of this immigration program or free assessment. 

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